A Book is in the Works

Today I signed a contract!

Two years ago I completed my doctorate in Public Theology. To achieve this I conducted research for my dissertation exploring the difference that Multicultural Interfaith Couples make in their communities. The idea of my work proposes that the more we engage in religious dialogue with one another, and as we persevere through conflicts between race, class, gender, caste, ethnicity and economic status, the more we are able to understand and help solve some of the most complex issues in our world. How might deepening our connections between religions and working to resolve our cultural difference make a lasting difference in our communities? This is the question my dissertation explored… now it’s time to turn that work into a published book!

We live in a world filled with ethnic diversity and cultural complexity. While the trend suggests that religion is becoming less important, I believe that our faith and our willingness to talk about our differences is the stuff that makes the ways for peace. I have much work to do–editing, reading, and starting some new writing too. My manuscript is due at the end of the year.

Wish me luck and look for updates along the way right here.

Here’s the pitch that got me the contract….

Multicultural Interfaith couples face challenges that span race, religion, culture, and nationality. Through their perseverance and learned skills, they have become leaders for social change in their communities and peacemakers in their families. Juanita, a Costa Rican Catholic and David, an American Jew did not anticipate their parents moving from fear about their marriage to participating in their spouse’s religious festivals. David now leads his diversity task force and Juanita is raising their son to be both Jewish and Catholic. Another couple waited 8 years to receive their families’ blessings to marry. This is the reality for Nellie a first-generation American Sikh and her fiancé Noah, a Muslim whose mother fled the war between Pakistan and Bangladesh. Their engagement is beginning to heal generations of pain between Sikhs and Muslims. Tanya Sadagopan weaves personal stories from her research as well as her own multicultural interfaith relationship into her book. The up close and personal stories of 7 couples show how intersectionality generates resilience, insight, and skills for leadership relevant to bridging our cultural wars. Sadagopan’s research with couples from around the world shows their ability to navigate complex identities and become agents for change.This book provides families, counseling professionals, and religious leaders with insights, tools, and suggestions on how to transform fear of the religious other into curiosity to form deeper relationships that bear the fruits of social change and advocacy.

Thanks for all your support through the years for my written work. Today is a milestone in that work!

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