Contribute Locally & Globally 

These are links to my favorite “make a difference” organizations.  Take the time to check them out and find one that inspires you.  Investing our money is one way we can be good stewards of what God has given us.  Be generous–change a life.

The Heifer Project--money contributed helps families in developing countries by giving them animals such as a milking goat, honey producing bees, and egg producing hens.

The Water Project--our daughter Nandini chose this organization to fund raise to build clean water wells for kids who need it most.  She raised $10,000 and had a well built in India, and is is the process of having a project completed in Uganda for school aged children.  See Nadini’s Well India Project and The Promise pages.

The Hunger Project–I used to be a volunteer and then a fundraiser for this organization.  Their mission is to do what it takes to end hunger globally.

World Vision–We sponsor a child.  It is a great way to personalize the difference you would like to make with your contributions.

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